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Restaurant Villa Voyta menu

Our menu offers carefully selected set of the most interesting dishes from Czech and abroad, extended to vegetarian, vegan, gluten and lactose free dishes. We hope to fulfill various appetites and demands of all our guests.


Goat cheese mousse served on beetroot with walnuts marinated in honey
9 €
Salmon tartar, hummus and rucola salad
9 €
Beef carpaccio with zest, rucola, Parmesan cheese and capers
7 €
Chicken broth with meat, vegetable with drop of cherry
3 €
Caesar salad with grilled chicken meat, garlic croutons and Parmesan cheese
6 €
Main courses
Italian risotto Genovese with rucola
9 €
Italian risotto Genovese and grilled tiger prawns
11 €
Grilled salmon with Beurre Blanc sauce, served with butter potatoes and chive
15 €
Grilled chicken breast with mushroom sauce and gratinated potatoes
10 €
Fried veal schnitzel with potatoe purée and cucumber salad
13 €
Steak of South American beef sirloin with demi glace and fried home-made French fries
17 €
Steak of the South American beef sirloin with mushroom sauce and grilled seasonal vegetables
17 €
Leg of fallow-deer in cream sauce, wild cranberries and white bread dumplings
13 €
Traditional carved pancakes with nuts, cinnamon and raisins
4 €
Chocolate pie with almonds
4 €
Créme brulée with egg liqueur
4 €
Variation of cheeses
Variation of cheeses - comté, roquefort, camembert with nuts and dried fruits
6 €

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