Wedding reception

We are pleased to organize you dream wedding banquet, catering according to your idea and various appetites of your guests. Our professional team prepares for you traditional Czech cuisine but menu according to the most modern trends. These all in quiet ambient of the Art Nouveau restaurant and summer garden with terrace as well.

Example of the served menu

Parma ham with honeydew melon and rucola salad
Venison paté with sauce of forest fruits and frisée salad
Marinated salmon in citrus fruits with mustard-honey sauce and salad of beet-root leaves
Gratinated goat cheese in honey and basil pesto, served on mixed lettuce leaves
Beef broth with liver balls, home-made noodles and vegetable
Strong chicken broth with noodles and vegetable
Chicken broth with meat and vegetable
Pheasant broth with meat, vegetable and drop of sherry
Main courses
Grilled pikeperch with Beurre blanc sauce and chives potatoes
Slowly roasted duck breast in sauce of dark beer and honey, fresh baby spinach and potato gnocchi roasted on butter
Roast sirloin with cream and Carlsbad dumplings with cranberries
Grilled pork tenderloin in Marsala sauce, served with mashed potatoes and roasted pancetta
Spring chicken roasted on butter and thyme, grilled grenaille with chive

Wedding banquet in Villa Voyta

Wedding raut I.
Cold buffet
Parma ham with honeydew melon
Caesar salad with Parmesan cheese and garlic croutons

Salad buffet
Fresh vegetables with dressing variation

Hot buffet
Roast tenderloin of pork with port wine reduction, mashed potatoes with onion and pancetta
Grilled salmon in cream leek and roasted potatoes
Grilled neck of pork in honey marinade with confit garlic
Turkey-hen medallions in red curry sauce, basmati rice
Grilled seasonal vegetables

655 CZK/pers.
Wedding raut II.
Cold buffet
Vitello tonnato
(veal meet with tunna sauce)
Duck paté of cognac with wild cranberries
Beef roastbeef with horse-raddish sauce

Salad buffet
Fresh vegetables with dressing variation

Hot buffet
Grilled trout filet with Beurre blanc sauce and roasted grenaille
Pork chop in wine and shallots, served with mashed potatoes
Chicken breast marinated in Dijon mustards, buter beans
Penne pomodoro with Parmigiano Reggiano

Neck of pork marinated in dark beer
Chicken leg steak tandoori
Grilled vegetables: aubergine, zucchini, paprika, red onion
(French loafs, Bohemian bread)

Sweet buffet
Fresh fruits

755,- CZK/pers.
Wedding raut III.
Cold buffet
Marinated salmon in citrus fruits with mustard-honey sauce and rucola salad
Prague ham with horse-radish dip

Salad buffet
Caesar salad
Fresh vegetables with dressing variation
Pickled olives

Hot buffet
Steak of southern american sirloin of beef on rosemary, served with roasted grenaille
Chicken schnitzles with pickled vegetable
Spicy beef shank goulash
Grilled chicken leg steak in yoghurt-herb marinade
Grilled neck of pork BBQ

Turkey-hen steak in mustard-honey marinade
Tiger prawns in coriander and lime juice
Grilled vegetables
(aubergine, zucchini, paprika and red onion)
Cold sauce variation
(garlic, cocktail, herb and Dijon)
(French loafs, Bohemian bread, wholegrain bread)

Sweet buffet
Fresh seasonal fruits

855 CZK/pers.